Storytella I Am.

I've always been 1 to take in evrything that's going on whether its world events or chaos in Da Beat. I used to take it all in and form an poetic story behind it. This has always been my way of escape, my form of ecstasy you can say.

Origin of my storytelling skill.

I guess you can say listening to Nas in my Youth, Common, Mos Def and Talib Kweli Notorious BIG and pure Conscience music is what contributed to my storytelling style. I'm not an MC nor a Bar for Bar. But I can paint a pictures through my songs that evryone can relate to.

Music over Trouble

I knew people that was about that life even have family that's about that life. I was never about that life nor was I attracted to it. So I would be in my Old Basement apartment on 506 Garden St, writing on brown Paper bags, napkins anything I could find to write my Barz.

Cellphone life saver.

Although I still have the old skool method of writing from notebooks. I love putting Barz in my cellphone it's so much easier. Lol plus the Barz dont come like they used to. I used to get a full song, lol now it comes in pieces.

Share with the world.

My main goal is 1 ear at a time. Music is so powerful. It brings out the good the bad Happy or sad. And experience of life itself is the icing to any song. My only regret is not taking my craft serious in my Youth. I feel I could've been alot further, but God knew I was for a time such as now. Would love to hear your thoughts. Comment below.

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