Passion over Barz

For as long as I could remember I've always been a fan of lyricism from Common to Talib Kweli Mos Def. At one time my rap name was Gods lyricist. Now and days I wonder how these young rappers manage to blow up with these mother goose abc raps lol. Yes I said it. At one time I felt like I was a Lyricist, in my early 20s I was all about bringing barz barz barz. But im coming to an understanding that my passion is more attractive for me anyway. Lyricism still matters dont get me wrong. For me Im an encourager been that way since my youth. So when I write its really for the under dogs the ones that no one notices, the ones who refuse to blend in. The ones that are really about that Christ life. The Remanant. I wont bury my gift cause I got alot to speak about. Im grateful for those that still support me. I want to encourage those of you who were told that you shouldnt rap or step your barz up. keep pressing I was once told, your Passion will drive you to perfection as long as you keep that desire lit. Keep at it someone Is gonna hear and feel what your saying. Dont compare yourself to the next man or woman because you dont know what they went through to get where their at. Lotta sleepless nites, cracking that head, lotta naysayers, Passion is key. Also make sure you have people that will tell you the truth about your music and dont take it to heart and Remember Passion is key.


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