Ministry and Entertainment Go hand and hand.

Was inspired by Harlem Gee155 on the God Flow Show Intro contest winners Yesterday Valentine's Day. 5 winners for the God Flow Show Intro were announced congratulations to the five who won. Before that he played the top CHH Artist. And explained why they stuck out. I was at work so I managed to take in as much as I could. Here is what I gathered from Harlem Gee IG. 3 points:

1. Although its Ministry it's still entertainment-

For me I always make sure God gets the glory at all times

But now I realize that this is also business as well entertainment business. He bought out a good point when he said you have to keep the people attention, which is true I've experienced the opposite many times and it's not a good feeling but throughout the years I've gotten better and in a better place Mentally. The truth is I didn't embrace it as such but you best believe the mental notes I took are gonna be applied.

2. Go all In and don't hold back.

Another good point he bought out was how some of the CHH Artist candence stuckout. Cadence defined as a modulation or inflection of the voice.

2. A sequence of notes or chords comprising the close of a musical phrase.

Harlem Gee pointed out some vocal approach many of the Artist spoken about where doing some were Aggressive, some had unique patterns in their flow. Some had flows that Started on the upbeat some the downbeat. Another thing was mention was the creativity as far as introducing their unique flows. Everyone has their own unique sounds and it is to be embraced and perfected. You have to continually fine tune your flow and content and draw the listener in to what your message is. I have to say that I'm go over my songs and coming up with ways I can peep interest or even something that's original and not even done before. I have a smooth and laid back flow but I want to stick out and that only comes from coming out my comfort zone. We gotta go outside the box. And like Harlem Gee155 said perform for a crowd of 10 like it was 100 or more.

3. Jump in early on the beat of the week

Now I'm a timely person so when I first heard the Intro Beat I wasn't really into it to be honest it's a fire beat but I couldn't connect with it but I can honestly say I love how my Brothers and Sisters bought that fire on it. When the beats Dropped dont wait get your verse in asap. You gotta give time for viewers to connect and vibe to what you bringing to the table. Thank you for taking the time to read this and do follow and support the God Flow Show you can find the God Flow Show on Instagram and Twitter and Facebook. Thank you and God Bless.

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