Me and My House EP

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

So Its been along time since I blogged with so much going on I haven't really had the time.

So I released my EP Me and My House back in August inspired by Jos 24:15 and also when the Corona Virus 1st touch down. I thought about how important family values are. So it has 4 tracks let's go with the breakdown shall we.

  1. Remember Those Dayz (feat Love Marie)

This song is dedicated to my Great Grandmother my Grandmother Aunt and Uncle Larry it's a glimpse of my childhood being raised church.

2. "Train EM UP"

Train EM UP is dedicated

to those of us that were raised in the church. And how its important for us to continue to raise them in the fear of the lord.

3. Love My COG Family (feat. Love Marie)

This song is dedicated to my Church Family Crown Of Glory COGIC. They are truly family we've been in existence for 14 been through ups and downs but still focus on the goodness of the lord.

4. Me and My House (feat Odili Ifeanyi)

The last song is dedicated to my family that God has blessed me with. I've been through alot almost losing my family. But also fighting for them.

So there you have it. Would you like comment and share. That would really help me out.

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