It was the Mother Board Connection.

It was the Fall of 2015.

I was looking online and I came across Radio Recording Film Connection. I researched and liked what I saw. They offered hands on Audio Engineering with experienced Audio Engineers.

Self Taught

Before I got the Passion for Audio Engineering, I always had the passion to write music. I can remember the days of writing Barz on any piece of paper I would find ( only my OG and True Hip Hop heads would understand the passion and stuggle) At that time I loved Fl Studio still do, I used to call myself making tracks however a very good Brother of mine kept it a buck with me and let me know to stick to Rapping lol. I didnt realize that the little I was doing was called editing like putting markers to remember each part of the song, color coding, labeling I learned all this on Fl Studio.

Conversation with the wife.

When your married you can't just up and make decisions without your better half. So I sat down with my wife, we had just welcome our 2nd son Mason into this world. And I showed her the Program. In which she was ok with it.

Yeah ok dude.

So as I was in Mansfield Ct with my Family I received a call from Radio Recording Film Connection. They explained to me that I would be meeting with Multiplatinum Producer Audio Engineer Edwin Ramos.

So the day came and what a shocked to findout it was True. I've learned alot from Edwin . I learned how to setup Recording sessions, how to Mike Instruments, add effects. I had to get a macbook in which they sent me the educational version of Pro Tools and an Ebook to learn Audio Engineering.

Reconnect with the Mother Board As much as I love rapping Audio Engineering is my new Found passion, definitely will be doing more of Audio Engineering. Thank you for taking the time to read this and please signup for more blogs and music each week for blogs and each month for New Music.

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