I Hate You

Updated: Oct 18, 2019

What a title right and how contradictory coming from a Christian Man. This is a song that was birthed through a eye of the storm experience facing divorce in 2017 marriage, hanging on by a Thread. I Thank God for my Pastor. And for God moving on my Behalf. Sexual and Porn Addiction is real and it's in the church. It's a subject that's not talked about but should be. So let get into it.

Cooking with my Bro Tuu B

Thursdays was spent with my Brother Tuu B at his house. This Brother is like a Triple threat man he could play drums, Produce and Rap, I've known Tuu for years but it was always a greet everytime my Pastor would speak at his Cousin church. But now we fellowship even more. So we were doing the usual we talk about many things while he cooking with the heat so I told him about my song "I Hate You" So Tuu was like let me hear it so I begin to recite it.

"I Hate You" Heat was born that hour.

As I Began to recite my Barz I hear the war drumline in the Track along with a complimentary ambient sound, then the kick along with a game like sound and the track was born. Listen I was like a kid with a new toy. I couldnt wait to record it, (lol I did have to wait the next day because the time I got home).

Tuu is a well rounded beast for the Lord man, I really dont know too many people that can produce a song just by hearing a chrous not saying hes the only 1 that did it but that I know personally.

I Hate You was originally 3 verses.

Originally my "I Hate You" song was 3 verses with A and B Prechrous. When I came back to Tuu to let him hear what I recorded he told be straight up "Bro you gotta get straight to the point". So with that I began to examine my song and broke the Barz down into sections of 4 and pieced them together keeping the Prechrous. You see I never done anything like this but it worked out for my Good. "I Hate You" is my most Transparent song I Ever wrote. Please Stay tuned for my VBlogs on the Breakdown and Inspiration behind I Hate You. Also here is the link for "I Hate You" https://youtu.be/tzTNrSbO3wU

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