I cant feel what your saying.

Updated: Oct 8, 2019

I've always struggled with this. Expressing myself to where people can feel me.

Sometimes I even question is that the reason it's taking me awhile to breakthrough. Funny how rapping is strongest way of expressiing myself. So let's get into it

1. No Confidence at All

I lacked confidence in my Youth I wasnt taught how to display confidence as a man. So it showed in conversations and on stage. I was like a scarecrow rapping. Literally.

2. Afraid of Rejection

This was one of my major problems. Lol one thing I learned when I was younger if your gonna approach a lady for her number and you have no confidence they can see and smell and most likely wont give it to you. I felt like I'm not as good as the next person. I had major low self esteem. Took me yrs to build my confidence.

3. Say it with ya chest

Just recently I started to record my EP at my friend Steven Studio. in Chicopee Mass. Man I was recording like I was a Novice. It was many factors 1 major factor was transitioning from my home studio mode to actually recording in a Professional studio. When your timed man o man. Verses your home studio you can take your time till you get it right. I was struggling bad had to call it a nite.

4. Focus Mannnnn

So when I started taking my focus off of lack of Confidence, Rejection and fear is when I started to put best foot forward. I cant forget Ms Amy Freedman she was my Favorite elementary school teacher and 1 of the only ones that could handle me( I was a problem child) she helped break the ice with having us go to the front of the class like it was a talk show. Asking us different questions helped us to be able to Conversate. So as I end here let me know your Thoughts.

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