Dont limit the Creator to Man's  Standards 

As I came across a Tweet from that was talking about how Demi Lovato is focusing on her relationship with God. This is a Beautiful moment. When we come to the realization that our life without God is a lonely and empty one. Sometimes it takes near death experiences for us to turn our life around. Truth is we dont know what these celebrities go through yes they seem to have it all. The fame money and finer things in life but they will always find themselves not satisfied because things can't take the place of God, he created us for his Good Pleasure. The world make celebrities like gods, no wonder it's hard for them to break away from the lime light.

Here are 3 things we should be mindful of when one decides to turn from Satan's Kingdom.

1. It will be a Struggle.

If you think the Enemy will let go of you so easily think again. Hes selfish and possessive. There will be repercussions. Hes not called the prince of this world for nothing he has the control and ability to give man their hearts desire but at a cost. He tempted Jesus so no 1 is spared. Pride of Life Lust of the Eyes and Lust of the flesh comes as a package deal when your apart of Satan's Kingdom. Its gonna take mind body and soul to overcome and break free from the kingdom of darkness.

2. Your Stronghold will be your greatest Battle.

Addiction isnt easy to break away from it comes in many forms Drugs, Sex, Porn, Alcohol even Game Addiction work Addiction. When whatever your addicted to becomes a stronghold it will take dedication, consistently fighting, and a trusted accountability partner to help you through your battle. As a person that was once addicted to Porn I can tell you 1st hand that as much as I wanted to quit and at time went months without it I always fell short. When someone makes you angry or your feeling down it will present itself hard. It gets harder the close you are to defeating whatever the stronghold is in your life.

3. You have to Really want and pursue change.

There is a difference in wanting to making a change because of emotions and then there's being sick of tried of being sick and tried. I can't read Demi's mind or heart but God can. I pray that she grows in her relationship with God and that she allows him to take full control of her life. I thought about the young rich ruler and how Jesus told him to give up all he has to the poor and how hard it was for him. Basically to follow Christ you have to give it all up to follow him. In order to fully receive all of God's benefits you have to give up what you gained from the world. Trust in God because he will take care of you. And not only that he can use you to change the world in a way that won't stress you out. So when we see celebrities like Kanye, Demi, Justin and many others we need to embrace and rejoice with them in a loving way. Far too often I see and hear about ministries feeding off of their celebrity status. As a leader let me remind those that are accountable that like the bible says their blood will be on your hands and you will be accountable for what you did or didn't do. We are not to do as the world do and lift them up or even give them a spotlight because that's what kept them bound in the 1st place but we are to treat them as Brothers and Sisters in Christ and if they weren't only genuine God knows unless its revealed by their actions instead of pointing the finger or waiting for them to fall the Christian thing would be to intercede. Unless your a Christian by title alone. Like Jesus he who is without sin cast the first stone. Thank you for taking the time to read this please let me know what you think in the comment section of my blog thank you and God Bless..

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