Broken but Unspoken

This Blog is not my normal Music talk this 1 is very personal. This 1 will be about my Dad the man you see in the middle.

Meet the Shepard Family.

My Dad was born and raised in Florida. He came to CT as a child. The youngest of 4 ,2 Aunts ,1 Uncle. My Dad met my Mom in High School. I was told by my Mom Dad was a ladies Man lol ( yeah we got it lol). My Dad was 18 Moms was 15 when she had me, 2nd Oldest in 82 and Anthony 87. Shawn 84, Jessica, 90

Dad didnt play around

My dad was very and still is old school, as a kid Dad put the fear of God in us. We knew that when it came to us gettting in trouble after school, we was gonna get it. My dad wasnt about that life but you could catch those hands, I've been told that my Dad had couple fights with people trying to disrespect moms.

Dad knew how to make us smile.

For Christmas Eve my Dad would put a Toy under me and the 2nd oldest pillow. We both wake up showing each other the new toy we got. We were allowed to open 1 present. Dad was funny too. He would tell us stories about his old boss who he called the cake man, lol.

Was mad at my Dad for years.

Dad had a temper man. Many nites I would see bouts between him and mom scarry and sad. I was mad at him for making my mom cry. But at the sametime I loved my Dad. I believe this caused me to shutdown from my own emotions, and resent him for many yrs. But 1 thing I did was vow to never beat my wife no matter how mad I get.

Were in a better place in our lives.

Currently me and my Dad is in a better place as far as our relationship. Hes always been a Good Father always taken care of us. He loves all 5 of his children. I never knew how stressed out my Dad was. Dad grew up in an era where crying and expressing yourself was considered being weak. When he poured his heart out to me, it was like a heavy burden being lifted off my shoulders. God has Truly restored our relationship and im so grateful to God.

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