A Change in my Playlist

A True Hip Hop Head

I used to be 1 of those Teenagers that would skip school just to get my New Music on Tape in the early to late 90s. I would spend my whole day inside Record Express on Pratt St in Downtown Hartford Ct. I would purchase Singles with the Song on Aide A, Instrumental on the B side. I would spend my last on a New Album and walk home to Garden St which was about a 30 minute walk. (Mayb more cant remember lol sorry). Fast Forward to age 21 had my own place on the Northend of Hartford 37 William's St, with my 2 Best friends they're Faternal Twins. In our 3 Bedroom apartment I had the best Rap and Hip Hop pure Eastcoast Mobb Deep, Notorious BIG was my Favorite Rapper.

Living my life.

I remember my girlfriend at the time brought over Crossmovement Human Emergency Album in which she let me use it and I fell in love with CHH that day. Lol truth be told she almost didnt get the CD back. 1 day after working almost 24hrs I came home to all my CDs missing from my headboard pure East Coast Rap some Dirty South some West Coast. My Playstation all my Colognes Were taken including my TV.

Home Sweet Home

In the summer of 2002 I made the decision to move back home with my Mother, I realize that I wouldn't have the freedom I had, but I know going back home I'll be at peace, plus I gave my life back to God and it was hard to live right with the Freedom I had, not to mention the company I kept.

Playlist Catalog Change

2003 I wrote my 1st CHH song called "Confessions to God". I started to like and listen to Gospel Music, and CHH DaTruth became my Favorite CHH Rapper from The Moment of Truth Album. So you can say my style is alittle simular but I dont have the stage presence or energy like he does. I brought all of Crossmovement Albums and DaTruth, Flame. Its so good to see they have crossed over unto the younger generation. So as I end here I would like to hear from you, your thoughts or even you journey to being a CHH Fan or CHH Artist.

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