4 the luv of muzic

I'm just gonna record through chaos.

I didnt always go about recording music the right way. There were times when I would just go to the garage and start recording. Never mind my boys going crazy driving my mother in law crazy upstairs. Smh lol I know she wanted to take me out lol. Eventually I got tired of taking my sons constantly fighting out of my recordings it was took much extra work when editing.

Focus Mannn!!!!

At times I think I focused more on music then the things of God including my marriage, and being a Father. It took me a minute to realize that in order for me to truly be blessed I must tend to the foundation of my 1st Ministry which is my family.

The Turn Around.

I started to record in the mornings since I was working 2nd shift I would put my Boyz on the bus, write alittle then record. I had better results, I was more relaxed, aggravated from the constant fighting from my 2 boys. Even my Mother in law who's the best was no longer stressed out.

Confidence is Key

Last thing I had to learn is to have confidence in what I was creating. Its so easy to feel you dont meet the expectations as well known music creatives. But then I remembered whom I'm creating music for and why, then things began to become clearer to me. I had to make sure that I had the right motive for recording and not to be a man pleaser or for awards. All those are good in itself but I dont want to gain the world and lose my soul. So as I end here let me know your thoughts and how you pursued your creative endeavors.

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