Garry E Shepard Jr is Husband Father of 2 boys and the Oldest of 5, 3 Brothers and 1 Sister. Born and raised in the Northend of Hartford Ct Native raised in the church born to a Puerto Rician Mother and  Black American Father. I've been rapping since age 8. I went from Violent rap to conscience to finally Inspirational rap. In 2002 after having backslide from church 7 years I began to write Gospel Rap songs, I was even in the process of recording but everything fell through. 2011 I Decided to teach myself to compose music and record in which i'm working on my first Gospel Rap EP. My goal is for the youth and my generation to be able to understand that Christians are not immune to sin, and that they were once sinners too so with my first EP is a collection of Testimonies of my life and reflections so stay tune.

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